SYEC Capacitors has a manufacturing capacity of 10,000 MVar annually.  SYEC's state-of-the-art enclosed A/C controlled factory, employs advanced manufacturing techniques, including computer control systems and the extensive use of robotics.

The critical materials are supplied from sources in Western Europe. The stainless steel enclosures are painted to insure a long life in all climatic conditions.

SYEC power capacitors series covers these applications:

• Shunt Banks
• Harmonic Filtering
Series Compensation
• Systems Voltages through 765kV

SYEC power capacitors have been in operation in 750kV and 800kV HVDC applications.


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Typical Installations

 +-800kV HVDC Substation Shunt Capacitor  500kV AC Series Capacitors   +-500kV HVDC Filtering Capacitor

The-State-of-The-Art Facility



SYEC Power Capacitor Factory  Video