SYEC’s CVT consists of a capacitor voltage divider and an electromagnetic unit including the medium and low voltage terminal of the capacitor voltage divider which leads out into an oil tank equipped with an electromagnetic unit. The electromagnetic unit has three parts: middle transformer, a compensation reactor and a damper.

The capacitor voltage divider has a bushing, a core and a metal expander. The core of the capacitor is combined by several film-paper composite media and serial parts which are made by coiling aluminum foils. The core is carried out by a vacuum dipping treatment. The porcelain bushing is then filled with transformer oil, and equipped with the metal expander to compensate for the change in oil volume due to the temperature change.

The series transformer has a quick saturation damping device with a quick transient response speed, and it also can damp ferro-resonance reliably.

There is a carrier wave communication terminal in the secondary outlet box, and it also has an over-voltage protection clearance.

The sealing structure of product is optimized, so it has a good sealing performance.

The product comes equipped with a carrier-frequency accessory, located on the output terminal box for convenient installation and maintenance, including a drain coil, a grounding switch, and a gap to protect the ball. The carrier frequency range is 30 ~ 500kHz.

SYEC's IEC Type CVT -TYD series  has been used in up to 750KV  and 1000KV substations  and in early 2018,  SYEC has been awarded by National Grid UK for 3 years supply of the LVB series instrument transformers.

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